“Basketball has given me so many opportunities”

December 13, 2023 December 13, 2023

“Basketball has given me so many opportunities” “Basketball has given me so many opportunities” “Basketball has given me so many opportunities”

Liv Scott, from Camberwell Dragons 18.3 Girls team, recently completed work experience at Camberwell Basketball. Liv spent time at a Walking Basketball session and in our Communications Department, and while with us reflected on her own basketball journey, her passion for the game, and on some of those who helped her along the way. This is her story.

I started playing basketball when I was five years old, with a Playball team called Surrey Sparkles. I played in that team for about four years and then started domestic basketball. I met many of my current best friends through Sparkles.

I am still so close with the girls from Sparkles because we all share a love and passion for basketball. Because we all love basketball so much, many of us decided to join Camberwell Dragons around the same time in Under 12s, which helped us all stay so close together.

We all went to the same primary school, we would talk about the game and play basketball together at lunch, which bonded us all closer together. I am so grateful for Sparkles because If it wasn’t for that team I would have never started playing basketball, which means I would never have made such strong friendships.

I learnt so many basic skills, including dribbling and shooting, and gained social skills that have helped me to this day.

I started playing domestic basketball when I was about nine years old. I still play domestic basketball for the same club (Whitehorse Mustangs) and have created so many friendships with players and coaches throughout the club.

I had one particular coach, Bianca Stratford, at domestic who helped me change into a better person. She taught me how to stay calm on court, she showed me how much she really cared about me and how much she wanted me to succeed. Bianca showed me what it was like to have someone who wants the best for you. And someone who doesn’t see you just as a player, but also as a person.

Even if I didn’t feel like I was playing well some games, she would talk to me and tell me what I was doing well and what I needed to focus on improving. This really helped me as a player and changed my view on the game and how I played. If I didn’t have Bianca as a coach, I don’t think I would still be playing domestic basketball. She really helped me gain self-confidence and for myself as a girl I really lacked self-confidence, but Bianca really helped me and pushed me to my full potential. She is the reason I have stayed at the club for so long.

I started playing for Camberwell Dragons as a top age Under 12. I have had so many experiences playing at Dragons, such as playing in tournaments, and the Adelaide tournament is my favourite. I love to travel and getting to travel and play basketball with friends is so much fun and you can make so many memories.

I get excited every Friday because I know I have a game that night. I love Friday night games so much. I love it when I walk into the stadium and I see my team. I always run up to my teammates, give them a hug and then we sit down and talk. 

I also love it when I’m on court and my coach is yelling out to me, telling me I did something well, because I find that really helps my confidence and it improves my game play.

My first Dragons coach was Paul Martin. He really helped me learn many basic skills and helped me learn how to play better. Paul was really good at explaining things and helping me understand what I needed to do to improve my game play. If I was ever unsure, I would always feel comfortable to ask Paul for help. Paul was very supportive and tough. I found it helpful when he was tough because it put me in my place. 

I have struggled making real friendships at school, but at basketball everyone is so welcoming, and I feel at home when I play basketball. Everyone around you is so positive and they all support you. I find it so easy to talk to those in my team because we all have a passion for basketball and so we always have something to talk about.

No matter what happens in the game, you will always have people in your team to help you up again and to look after you. The coaches will always be there for you if you get hurt, and your teammates will always look out for you.

Basketball has given me so many opportunities and so many experiences and memories, and I would recommend it for any girl who is thinking about starting in the sport.

I remember doing my first-ever tryouts for Dragons and being so nervous. I remember looking around, seeing everyone in a Dragons’ uniform, and seeing how good they all were. All my confidence dropped. Once tryouts started, all the coaches were so nice and encouraging and the people around me were so helpful and kind. Those first tryouts really helped me become the basketballer I am today and pushed me to try my best.

I think basketball is a great sport for girls because it helps them learn so many new skills, they make so many friends and memories along the way and build their self-confidence with help from others. 

• Camberwell Basketball's work experience program will continue in 2024. To register your interest in doing work experience with us, contact Andrew Johnstone at [email protected]

"Basketball has given me so many opportunities and so many experiences and memories, and I would recommend it for any girl who is thinking about starting in the sport." – Liv Scott

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