Many aspects of the game can be recorded, which adds great interest and excitement for fans and players. These statistics also help coaches review the performance of their teams.

Statisticians Statisticians Statisticians

Common statistics include:

  • Shots made and missed
  • Where shots are taken from
  • Rebounds
  • Assists
  • Blocks
  • Steals
  • Turnovers

The statistician’s role is to record all aspects of the game, which is done on a computer, tablet or smartphone, or manually with a paper template.

Full statistics are not taken in most local competitions but are in higher level leagues.

The effective recording of statistics usually requires at least two people. One to “call” the game by commentating every event that requires statistical recording and the other to “record” the game by making the statistical entries and following the caller’s instructions.
When statistics are collected using a computer, fans can follow the game when they’re unable to attend.

Statistician Pathways

A statistician does not have to have played basketball, and training will explain the various statistics. Anyone can get involved by attending a statistics course, which is usually arranged by the state associations.

With Level 1 accreditation, you can participate in state competitions and progress to work at Australian junior championship events, the National Wheelchair Leagues, the Women’s National League (WNBL), the Men’s National Basketball League (NBL) and international games hosted in Australia.

There are many reasons for becoming a statistician and it can be a rewarding way to be involved with the basketball community.

Statisticians Statisticians Statisticians

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